The Brewzer Pocket Tool Is Drunk MacGuyver's Weapon of Choice

The PocketToolX Brewzer's got a ton of functionality: it's a pry tool, a scraper, a flat head screwdriver, and so on. But all of those are secondary to what Brewzer's really all about.

I don't think I can put it better than PocketToolX does:

"The tip has been notched to allow you to tear open packages with ease or can be used as a beer shotgun tool."


Hence the name, I imagine. Remember, kids: aggressively chugging your way through a sticky situation can be every bit as effective as prying and scraping and screw... driving. And Brewzer's $19 price tag is a small amount to pay for the luxury of being capable of all four at any given moment. .[PocketToolX via Uncrate]

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