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What do the brightest and loudest smartphones in the world have in common? They're both made by Nokia. And they both run Symbian. Say what?

The 701 has what Nokia claims is the brightest phone screen the world has ever seen (and a 1GHz processor and 8MP camera). The 600 is their loudest smartphone to date. And the tiny 700 Nokia claims is the smallest monoblock phone on the market. All exceptional in some way. All running Symbian.


Why? As dead as Symbian is in the US, people still care for and use it outside of the states. It's why thousands of workers walked out of their offices when Nokia took Microsoft's hand in BFF-dom. And this is the second Symbian update this year. But even Nokia CEO Stephen Elop says that it's "crufty."

But now there's this Symbian Belle release. And it seems they've gone ahead and tried to fix their past mistakes. All stuff that, if Nokia was going to do this sort of thing at all, it should have been two years ago. These phones put themselves in the same category as the recently released N9.


It's time to let go, Nokia. [Nokia via This Is My Next]

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