The Cal Marching Band's Amazing 16-bit Video Game Halftime Show

This is the Cal band playing a halftime show from earlier this month. It's their "video game show," and it's pretty much the coolest thing ever. They run through a number of classic game songs, all while forming scenes from the games out of the band itself. It's got everything from Pong and Tetris to Zelda and Mario, and it's amazing. It makes me want to play Nintendo and join a drum line all at the same time. Well, maybe just play Nintendo, but you get the idea. [Milk and Cookies]



@Terranova: "So until we have a marching band made up entirely of Barbra-Streisand-types who are in touch with their mythical (but actually pretty common) perfect pitch capabilities, marching bands will continue to sound kind of detuned and haunted"

We do, its called drum corps.