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The Canadian government has officially declared itself anti-zombie

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The cliche is that Canadians are unfailingly nice polite, but that apparently politeness does not extend to the living dead. When the New Democratic Party's Pat Martin asked the government if the nation was prepared for a zombie attack, Minister of Foreign Affairs John Baird spoke on behalf of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, and put Canada's collective brains at ease. The full question and answer, courtesy of The Ottawa Citizen, is below because it's completely awesome:

"I rise today to salute the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta and the province of Quebec for putting in place emergency measures to deal with the possibility of an invasion of zombies," Martin said. "I do not need to tell you, Mr. Speaker, that zombies do not recognize borders and that a zombie invasion in the United States could easily turn into a continent wide pandemic if it is not contained."

He continued: "On behalf of concerned Canadians everywhere, I want to ask the Minister of Foreign Affairs – is he working with his American counterparts to develop an international zombie strategy, so that a zombie invasion does not turn into a zombie apocalypse?

Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird replied: "I want to assure the member and all Canadians that I am dead-icated to ensuring that this never happens. I want to say categorically to this member and through him to all Canadians that under the leadership of this Prime Minister Canada will never become a safe haven for zombies, ever."

The best part? The subtle intimation that future governments may actually be pro-zombie. Now someone needs to ask them if they're going to build a Death Star. Thanks to everyone who sent in the tip!