The Carcass Of Megaupload Still Gets Millions of Visitors a Month

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It's been over a year since Megaupload was ripped from the fabric of the Internet, and its successor has already risen to fill the hole. But Megaupload was a truly gargantuan site. So much so that it's still getting millions of visitors per month, even though there's nothing there.


The file-sharing services long cold corpse doesn't get the same kind of traffic it used to, obviously, but plenty of unwitting pilgrims still come to visit its grave. Enough that is still within the top 2,500 sites visited on the whole Internet at an Alexa rank of 2,161. Chances are most of these people are coming from dead links—of which there must still be many—with a maybe just a few visitors who were just checking in, in case the site had somehow, inexplicably come back.

While the site used to have a graphic explaining the seizure as its makeshift headstone, the space is now completely empty, and will probably remain that way. Should luck swing Dotcom's way, and the seizure warrants be found unlawful, maybe someday the domain could find new life pointing towards the site born to fill its shoes. For the time being though, that is one popular cyber-grave. [TorrentFreak]


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