The Carnival Cruise From Hell Refuses to End as the Passengers' Bus Home Breaks Down

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If you thought things couldn't get any worse for the unsuspecting participants in Carnival Cruise's new Lord of the Flies at sea program, you've underestimated the excessively vengeful god they've angered. Just as they were finally on their way home and ready to start their lives over, the ex-hostages found themselves once again stranded—this time on a bus halfway to New Orleans.


According to Anna Werner of CBS News, it seems just one of the buses broke down on the way to salvation. While The Atlantic Wire muses that perhaps "they were able to have a good laugh" about their perpetual misfortune, it's more likely that they were less than amused at being forced to sit next to people they had just seen desperately pooping in bags for any longer than necessary. But you know, welcome home, guys. [The Atlantic Wire]