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Back in my grade school days, I was one of the first dudes with a CD burner. I charged everyone outrageous prices for mix CDs of songs they liked and stuff I could get off the original Napster at the time. However, burning CDs was tedious and took forever on an 8x burner, so I eventually gave up because I had a life and wanted to go outside and play. If only the CD2CD had existed back then. I would have been rich. This sucker copies both data and music CDs with the touch of one button in only two minutes. That's as quick, if not quicker, than it takes to rip a CD in iTunes for your copying pleasure. The CD2CD Duplicator also can hook up to a PC via USB 2.0 for creating mixes off multiple CDs and MP3s. This wonderful piece of machinery is cheap, too, setting you back only $199.99. A pirate's best friend...Arrrr, Matey.

The CD2CD Duplicator [Red Ferret]