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The City Poses Many Dangers For Giant Robots

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

How often do you find yourself rounding a corner to discover a giant robot is collapsing in the street? This is one of those giant robot tragedies that happens more often than you realize, especially in cities.

This image, along with the other great robot illustrations we have here, is by concept artist extraordinaire Greg Broadmore, who works at Weta Workshop designing armors, weapons, creatures, and environments. And creating bizarre graphic novels about a steampunk world of adventurers and hucksters. Of this first image, Broadmore writes in his blog:

The Robot, he fall.
What is the cause?
It is an enigmatic mystery dilemma that may pain you till your dying day...
Unless I just tell you it's obviously another robot throwing cars at him.
Take that Retardmobot!

Ah the sadness of the ballad of the Retardmobot.

We've interviewed Broadmore and shown off his art here, and you can see even more of his art on his blog.


Today's eye candy brought to you via Concept Robots


This is a detail from the exosuit from District 9.

Is this robot drinking Yerba Mate?


More of the District 9 exosuit.


It's important for robots to stay in shape, and that's why they need to do curls like the rest of us to to keep those, um, robobiceps in working order.