The Clef Earbuds from Koss

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Koss is on a headphone-releasing roll, introducing a slew of cans such as those schweet Pro4AAAs we told you about yesterday, but today let's look at The Clef, earbuds that you might be tempted to carry with you all the time. These babies have a retractable cord and are configured around a keychain, something that might be a good idea to have in your pocket when you go out. And then the designers thoughtfully placed an LED flashlight on the keychain holder as well.


Koss brags about The Clef's 40-to-20,000Hz frequency response, which we don't really believe is exactly true, but you gotta love a pair of headphones that have a retractable cord that keeps that wiry mess out of your pockets, giving you the perfect length of cable. Heck, we figure if we must deal with cables, let's have them just how we want them. Another thing we like is the price, $19.99.

Product Page [Koss stereophones]