The Closest Thing To A Human Version Of The Dramatic Chipmunk

I never thought I'd see humans having more head-turning drama than the dramatic chipmunk, but on this week's episode of V, it happened. You never saw so much chipmunk packed into one tiny scene of "OMG revelation."

Compare to the original dramatic chipmunk:

Pretty similar, right?

The good thing about this scene is that it's also basically everything you need to know about what happened in the episode. Ryan killed John May! Duh, he used to be a bad guy. Oh, also? Now the Dramatic Chipmunks have a glowing marble they can use to communicate with the rebels on board the V ships. And Ryan's girlfriend has figured out he's got a giant safe full of fake passports in their closet (she never noticed it in their multi-year relationship?).


Meanwhile, drama with Tyler - turns out some test many years ago showed that he wasn't his father's genetic son. Even though Erica says it's "impossible," they apparently never got another test and her ex-hubby left her over it. That's right. Now Tyler has discovered the truthiness because evil V Lisa snooped on a phone conversation between Erica and Tyler's dad.

And in addition, there was a good bug torture scene, but not as good as the scene where Anna lays her eggs. Which is why you've got naked lizard lady egg laying to brighten up your Friday afternoon, right here. Don't say we never did anything for you.



Hey, I liked this episode. The last two were disappointing but this one was good. Mystery, character devellopment and Georgie died like a hero! Even Hobbes was sympathetic I still love this show. Anyone's with me?