The Closing of the Hungarian Border, As Seen by Drones

This drone video captures what’s happening right now on the border between Hungary and Croatia. All you can see for kilometers on the road are busses and checkpoints.


It’s yet another instant mega-fence for Central Europe, where countries are pouring resources into preventing Syrian refugees from crossing over borders as they flee to the west.

This footage was taken by Drone Media Studio, who write:

Thanks to the relative success of the Serbian one Hungary has started to erect a new border fence along the Hungary-Croatia border ... meanwhile the migrants are being bussed to the Austrian border across the official checkpoints.

Find out more at Drone Media Studio.

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Here’s my issue with this situation. The refugees deserve a safe haven. They do not, in my opinion, have the right to choose where exactly that is. If they had their choice, they would all flee to socialist countries like Sweden. Ignoring perfectly suitable safe havens. If the EU and other countries are going to share the brunt of the largest refugee crisis since WWII, than they should each share in taking them in equally.