Syrian Refugees Are Finding Safe Haven Using Apps

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When Hungary violently closed its border this week to refugees streaming in from Syria, people took to social media to find another way out. Using their phones, refugees charted a course to Croatia, whose leaders have pledged to welcome them.


William Booth, writing in the Washington Post, captures the scene:

“We hit a stone and we flow around it,” said Arazak Dubal, 28, a computer programmer from Damascus, who had been on the road for 18 days.

He and his three companions reached Belgrade only to discover on Facebook and WhatsApp that the Hungarian border was closed to refugees.

“So I went to Google Maps, and here we are,” said Dubal, huffing in the hot afternoon as he trudged across the farm fields.


Many of these refugees worked in tech-related jobs in their home country. And, according to Booth, they heard about Croatia opening its borders purely by checking into social media apps on their phones.

Croatian authorities have allowed refugees to flow into their country, but most of them will continue to journey further west seeking jobs and greater political freedoms.

[via Washington Post]

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Old news already,

whose leaders have pledged to welcome economic migrants.

They made an u-turn already and start registering the folks (which is according to the law) and treat those who do not want to be registered as illegals...

Does not really sound like a welcome...

But that is the law. I guess if such a breach, like in Hungary, happens in the US, there would be neither balloons nor tear gas but hard bullets...

So it is not a great situation there but people are safe