The Complete List of All the Phones With Carrier IQ Spyware Installed

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Responding to the US Senate request lead by Senator Al Franken, AT&T, Sprint, HTC, and Samsung have sent the list of all the phones with Carrier IQ spyware installed in them.

The carriers have also admitted that Carrier IQ also captured the content of text messages "under certain conditions."


Here's the complete list:


AT&T claims about 900,000 users using phones with Carrier IQ. The software is active on eleven AT&T wireless consumer devices:

• Motorola Atrix 2
• Motorola Bravo
• Pantech Pursuit II
• Pantech Breeze 3
• Pantech P5000 (Link 2)
• Pantech Pocket
• Sierra Wireless Shockwave
• LG Thrill
• ZTE Avail
• ZTE Z331
• SEMC Xperia Play

It's also installed but not active "due to the potential for the software agent to interfere with the performance" of the following phones:

• HTC Vivid
• LG Nitro
• Samsung Skyrocket

Carrier IQ is also packaged in the free AT&T Mark the Spot application, available for Android and RIM.



26 million active Sprint devices have the Carrier IQ software installed, says Sprint. That's almost half of all their subscribers, 53.4 million customers, so you can assume that they have it installed in all the Android phones of the manufacturers Sprint reported to the US senate:

• Audiovox
• Franklin
• Huawei
• Kyocera
• LG
• Motorola
• Novatel
• Palmone
• Samsung
• Sanyo
• Sierra Wireless



Samsung claims 25 million phones affected. It has directly installed Carrier IQ at the factory in the following models:

• SPH-M800 (Samsung Instinct)
• SPH-M540 (Samsung Rant)
• SPH-M630 (Samsung Highnote)
• SPH-M810 (Samsung Instinct s30)
• SPH-M550 (Samsung Exclaim)
• SPH-M560 (Samsung Reclaim)
• SPH-M850 (Samsung Instinct HD)
• SPH-I350 (Samsung Intrepid)
• SPH-M900 (Samsung Moment)
• SPH-M350 (Samsung Seek)
• SPH-M570 (Samsung Restore)
• SPH-D700 (Samsung Epic 4G)
• SPH-M910 (Samsung Intercept)
• SPH-M920 (Samsung Transform)
• SPH-M260 (Samsung Factor)
• SPH-M380 (Samsung Trender)
• SPH-M820 (Samsung Galaxy Prevail)
• SPH-M580 (Samsung Replenish)
• SPH-D600 (Samsung Conquer 4G)
• SPH-M930 (Samsung Transform Ultra)
• SPH-D710 (Samsung Epic 4G Touch)
• SPH-M220
• SPH-M240
• SPH-M320
• SPH-M330
• SPH-M360
• SPH-P100
• SPH-Z400


•T989 (Samsung Hercules)
•T679 (Samsung Galaxy W)

• SCH-R500 (Samsung Hue)
• SCH-R631 (Samsung Messager Touch)
• SCH-R261 (Samsung Chrono)
• SCH-R380 (Samsung Freeform III)


• SGH-i727 (Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket)


HTC preinstalled Carrier IQ spyware on about 6.3 million Android phones:

• Snap
• Touch Pro 2
• Hero
• EVO 4G
• EVO Shift 4G
• EVO Design

• Amaze 4G

• Vivid

What is Carrier IQ?

Carrier IQ logs information about your whereabouts as well as other personal data such as browsing history, application usage and phone numbers.


The Carrier IQ application also captures the content of your text messages, according to AT&T. This happens when you are talking on the phone and you sned or receive a text message: "the CIQ software also captured the content of SMS text messages—when and only when—such messages were sent or received while a voice call was in progress." [US Senator Al Franken's response, AT&T Response (PDF), Sprint Response (PDF), Samsung Response (PDF), HTC Response (PDF), CarrierIQ response (PDF), via Verge and Business Week]