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The cone snail's eating habits will give you nightmares for the rest of your days

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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You may know that marine cone snails are some of the most comically toxic creatures on the planet. But have you ever seen one of these mollusks feed? Even though there's no way one of these tiny creatures would be able to devour the human body, watching them chow down makes one prefer the neurotoxins.


In this video filmed for the BBC's Great Barrier Reef, a specimen of Conus geographus is seen feeding on a goatfish. After paralyzing the fish, the snail begins horking it down whole. Be forewarned that the six-inch-long snail's table manners will be indelibly etched onto your mind's eye upon watching this.

And just because we love you, here are several other specimens of Conus paralyzing and hoovering their prey. On the Ignominious Death Scale, being consumed by a cone snail is somewhere between "a feisty orangutan who stole a grain thresher" and "choking on a runaway hummingbird blotto on fermented nectar."