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The Cute and Sometimes Creepy Creations of the Willy Wonka of Robots

Instead of killing kids during private tours of his fantastical factory, Alex Reben is a Willy Wonka-type character of a different sort. He builds robots for a living—seemingly just for fun—and while some of his creations are certainly distressing, they're all fun to watch, interact with, or just ponder. The folks at Cool Hunting had the opportunity to check out Alex's lab, and thankfully, they brought a camera.


Most engineers who boast alumni status at both MIT's Media Lab and NASA would probably go on to develop robots for the military, or build a better Roomba. Alex instead decided to devote his talents to the arts. Some of his robots have a defined purpose, like a cardboard creation that serves as an autonomous documentarian. But others exist just because they can, and that's ok, because who wouldn't want to visit their local art gallery if it was full of robots? [Cool Hunting]

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Alexander Reben

Alex here, happy to answer any questions