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The CW Is Making A Young Shakespeare Vs. Witches TV Show

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Get ready for a sexy, magical Shakespeare show. Because this is the world that we have made, and now we're being forced to live in it.

THR is reporting that Mark Harmon (the actor from NCIS) is producing Shakespeare's Sisters, a series for the CW that will meld the world of Shakespeare with Game of Thrones (THEIR WORDS NOT OURS).

"Described as a tale of black magic, romance and revenge, the drama is set in 1590s London and chronicles a young Will Shakespeare's rise to prominence as he finds himself caught in a deadly conflict among three witches and the most powerful woman in the world, Queen Elizabeth."


Scott Sullivan (NCIS: Los Angeles) is writing the script, and Jane the Virgin producer and director Brad Silberling will also executive produce and direct.

I don't know. Perhaps this has something to do with the success of Reign, which is a pretty good show but oh my god I can't even imagine watching all of Shakespeare's future stories play out with teenagers and magic. True, there are witches in Shakespeare's work, and ghosts, so hey maybe it will surprise us all and be great. But young Shakespeare fighting witches? Yeah, I don't know.