The CW's Batwoman Has a New Enemy, and It's Rachel Maddow

Rachel Maddow. Dig those glasses, right?
Rachel Maddow. Dig those glasses, right?
Photo: Brendan Hoffman/Getty Images

In what some are calling the greatest lesbian crossover event of all time, the superhero world’s most prominent lesbian, Batwoman, is about to find a new foe in the most prominent lesbian of prime time news. That’s right, Rachel Maddow is coming to Batwoman.


As the Hollywood Reporter explains, Maddow, MSNBC news host, will be joining the CW superhero drama in the role of Vesper Fairchild. In the comics, Vesper Fairchild is a TV and radio news commentator who hooked up with Bruce Wayne. In the show, she’ll play a prominent critic of Batwoman, though there’s a catch: Maddow will be appearing voice only.

“We consider Vesper Fairchild to be the sardonic Voice of Gotham,” showrunner Carolie Dries told THR. “In addition to Rachel’s interest in Batwoman, we thought she’d be the perfect casting choice because her own hard-hitting journalism wildly contrasts Vesper’s penchant for snark, gossip and criticism of female superheroes.”

Notably, this isn’t the first time Fairchild has appeared in the CW-verse; in last year’s Elseworlds crossover, which also introduced Batwoman, it was revealed that Fairchild was once involved with Arrow.

Here’s hoping that Maddow does make the jump to on-screen menace at some point, if only so Ruby Rose and Maddow can flirt, fulfilling the dreams of extremely gay nerds the world over.


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Does anyone know of any superheroes who in their secret identities wear glasses and are members of the press? Rachel Maddow wears glasses and hosts a news show. I wonder....