The Dad of the Year Built His Daughter a Custom Speeder Bike Rocking Horse

It looks like the 2015 Best Parent of the Year Award is all but a lock for Australian Instructables user ‘Tez_Gelmir’ who built this custom Return of the Jedi Speeder Bike rocking horse for his daughter. And Tez gets bonus points for meticulously documenting its construction, and sharing those details with the world.


A word of warning, though, this build isn’t for the faint of heart. You’re going to need some serious wood-working, metal-working, manufacturing, and even upholstery skills to get your Speeder Bike rocker looking as amazing as Tez’s does.

Everything from the miniature turbine engines to the insanely-detailed linkages is perfect on this tiny replica. The attention to detail might seem like overkill for a toddler who’s really only in it for the rocking, but Tez clearly built this rocking horse to impress his fellow Star Wars fans, and it’s safe to say he succeeded there too. [Instructables via Nerd Approved]


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