The Dead Simplest Way to Root Your Nook Tablet

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We've seen the Nook Tablet rooted before, but this has to be the easiest process out there. All you need is a 2GB SD card, a computer that runs Windows, and a Nook Tablet with tablet software version 1.4.1 or earlier.

The detailed instructions are posted on the XDA Developers Forum, and we've got to admit that the 15 steps are pretty straightforward even if you've never rooted a device before. While there are a few more steps involved, here are the basics: You simply copy a few files to an SD card, pop the SD card into your Nook Tablet, reboot the device, and just like that, you've got a regular Android tablet complete with Google apps and the Android Market. [XDA Developers via The Verge]

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Will this work on my Nook Color? I haven't rooted it yet.