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The Decline and Fall of the RadioShack Retail Empire

Illustration for article titled The Decline and Fall of the RadioShack Retail Empire

Welcome to Reading List, highlighting all the news stories you missed when you were arguing with your parents about Net Neutrality and/or slipping into a food coma. We've got great write ups from SB Nation, Nature, Businessweek, and Motherboard covering topics like religion, a failing retail empire, and gaming's unflinching feminist voice.

  • As many begin the slow road to financial recovery after another sale-fueled Black Friday, it's possible RadioShack has seen its last. One coworker details her grueling 40 months working for the retail chain and how a slow death is its only future. [SB Nation]
  • This week, "peer reviewed" scientific journals hit a new low when a paper that was titled "Get Me Off Your Fucking Mailing List" was submitted to the International Journal of Advanced Computer Technology and was accepted. Not that this clearly ridiculous journal holds a candle to well-respected scholarly publications, but it still highlights a problem with the faulty system of academic and scientific peer reviewing. Nature explores how editors are looking to solve the growing number of scams. [Nature]
  • Anita Sarkeesian is quickly becoming a well-known name. Unfortunately, not for her intelligent application of feminist criticism to the art of video games, but rather the unreasonable amount of anger the mere mention of her name engenders. But despite all the haters, Sarkeesian isn't backing down—quite the opposite, actually. [Bloomberg Businessweek]
  • Terry Davis is a 44-year-old computer programmer who's dedicated his life to building TempleOS, an operating system that Davis' says God told him to build. Filling more than 120,000 lines of code and applying the spit shine of some early 90s UI, TempleOS is a like nothing you've ever seen and Motherboard tells a story like one you've never read. [Motherboard]

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The moment that I knew Radio Shack was ultimately doomed? It goes something like this:

Me: "Where are your RG59 coax connectors?"

RS: "We don't carry those."

My brother: "What? No. You're thinking of something else. RG59 coax is standard television cable. Where do you keep the connectors"

RS: "We don't have them. That's not something we carry."

Me: "We're getting our wires crossed. I need the connectors to repair standard TV cable, like, the signal cable from your wall to your cable box. I just need and end to repair a cable."

RS: "Yeah, we don't have those. We never have."

My brother: exasperated - "Where is your parts bin?"

We found what we needed in about 30 seconds. Cost for 2 was $2.99+tax. As we were leaving my brother said something that I will remember till my dying day.

My brother: "Radio Shack - You've got questions, We. Don't. Know. Dick."