The Definitive Guide to Airline WiFi Access

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This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

Curious as to which airline gives you WiFi access up in the air? Check out this list, meticulously compiled by people who really, really don't want to miss any emails.


Apparently there are two types of WiFi service, which is then customized for each provider. The first is Connexion by Boeing, and the second is OnAir by Airbus. There's also a third type, cellular air-to-ground, which is only useful in continental US flights and isn't really adopted seriously yet.

You can bet we're booking one of these airlines when we go on vacation. Liveblogging from the plane? Oh yes.

The DEFINITIVE guide to Airline WiFi and Internet Access [OTBeach]


As far as I can see, not one Us carrier has it yet.'s Ask The Pilot that's on every Friday or so talks about how badly we're screwed with our airfare. WiFi is an almost free perk that a company could hock to get a lot of biz travellers.

About the only perk I know of is Frontier, where for five bucks you get 20-some DirectTV channels right in your own personal screen in the back of the chair in front of you. An extra 10 bucks on a pretty decently priced Detroit to San Fran run, with one stop in Denver, where I can watch movies and shows to take up the 5-6 hour flight time? Um, thank you.

WiFi would be even cheaper/easier to implement then Direct TV, and you're talking about endless entertainment for the duration of the flight. I really don't need it for Detroit-Chicago type things, but the cross country jaunts would be priceless. Especially if the pricing for the same flight was comparible (read 0-50 dollars or so for the same times/seat/etc), I'd go out of my way to choose the carrier with the internet.