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The Defusable Alarm Clock Will Start Your Day With A Bang

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Imagine waking up with a bomb beside your bed. You have 10-seconds to cut one of four wires if you want to stop the countdown timer. This sounds like a nightmare, but it's not. It's just the defusable clock.

Mike Krumpus of Nootropic Design is the mastermind behind the clock and he packed plenty of detail into the Arduino-controlled device. The clock has a big red button that'll launch a countdown timer. Once initiated, you have 10 seconds to turn off the timer by snipping one of four wires. You have to pick the correct wire as only one will turn off the timer. Two of the other wires have no effect and one will fake detonate it.


To add a little challenge, the function of each wire changes every day so you never know which wire is the correct one. And the wires are replaceable so you can put fresh ones in each night and enjoy the clock every morning.

The electronics powering this clock will be available soon as kit from Krumpus. While you wait, you can sketch out your ideal bomb clock design. Once you get the kit and have everything assembled, fire off a photo of your creation so Krumpus can add it to his upcoming photo gallery. [Nootropic Design via Make]