Unlike Pokémon, whose permanent evolution come from gaining experience through battles, “Digivolution” is most often depicted as a temporary response to immediate danger. Most Digimon can only push themselves to higher levels with the assistance of skilled humans who understand them.


“War Game” was the first indication that the reboot’s story would only map onto the original’s but so closely. But as the season has progressed, Digimon Adventure’s only continued to fast-track the Digimon’s growth in ways that completely do away with the old tag and crest lore that was first made a crucial part of the original. Instead of wandering around the Digital World tracking down two pieces of tech and then learning how to make them work—arcs that typically took multiple episodes to play out back in the ‘90s—basically all of the Digidestined in the reboot have already managed to get their Digimon to the Ultimate level (the third highest most Digimon reach) before the show’s even gotten around to fully explaining what its villains big plan is.

Even though it initially seems odd that Digimon Adventure’s creative team would rush into what old school fans might consider endgame territory, the choice has come to make a lot more sense with time. By shucking off some of its own old surface level lore, the show’s freed itself up to spend time on the weirder, more complicated mythos that makes more sense the more familiar you are with the franchise as a whole.


In place of the many episodes some might consider filler that focused more of the kids’ journey from File Island to the Server Continent, the reboot’s instead delved into the existence of holy, god-like Digimon and their dark counterparts who seek to control them. The Digidestined all know that they aren’t just fighting to keep their friends safe, but rather are protecting the world from collapsing on itself whenever massive disruptions in digital services occur.

What’s most exciting now as the mysterious eighth child’s being brought into the mix properly is the Digimon Adventure reboot’s got almost all of its major players on the table and damn-near fully powered up before the real battles have even properly begun. As drastically different as the Digimon Adventure reboot was at its start and has consistently continued to be, it’s difficult to imagine that the story’s going to shift closer to the source material in its second half, meaning that we’re likely going to see even more new plot twists that shake things up in riveting ways.


Digimon Adventure is now streaming on VRV.

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