The Dog Leash for Dog Haters

I would never condone shooting any living creature in the head with a laser gun, especially not a helpless little pooch like the one you see above, but on the other hand I'm not going apologize for finding Art Lebedev's concept dog leash a little bit clever. (And, OK, disclaimer: I'm a cat person! There!) The handle is shaped like a gun—for some reason, a real handgun and not some sort of futuristic phaser, which might have made this a little more "ha ha that's funny!" and less "ha ha you're a psychopath!"—and when you pull the trigger the leash retracts to rein in your misbehaving pup. Like most of Art Lebedev's concepts, this will likely remain a concept, especially because this one was posted on April Fool's Day. So maybe old Art isn't actually a dog hater. Who knows. At least it's not a child leash. [Art Lebedev via Wired, Composite image: Wired]


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