The Doubleclicks’ “Nothing to Prove” is the ultimate geek girl anthem

I invite you all to listen to the Doubleclicks' song "Nothing to Prove," and watch its amazing video, starring 100% authentic geek girls, many of whom have been disrespected, ostracized, ogled and insulted by their fellow nerds. It's both dispiriting and moving, but it's something every nerd should watch.


[Via Wired]



Don't call a video "nothing prove" when the video is essentially about proving that gamer girl exist...

Also, I'd like to point out that there are a ton of insult direct only at male demographic (Did you ever hear a gamer girl being called out father****er, bastard, or gay or something like that). People insult each others, they use whatever information they can get to make it personal, that include your sex, possible sexual orientation (you can use gay as an insult since you assume almost every person you met online will be straight) race and so on. The more video like these exist, the more it reinforce the strength of insult using the "fake gamer girl" archetype and so on. This isn't fixing the problem just making it worse.