The Dragon Prince Is Racing Against Time in The Trailer for Season 3

He’s really trying.
He’s really trying.
Image: Netflix

War is coming, and only our heroes can stop it. But first they need to work on their disguises.


After two seasons of adventure and danger, The Dragon Prince is gearing up for a third, and has just released a trailer teasing what the future holds in store for our heroes. As it turns out, circumstances are increasingly dire, as war is even closer than ever, and only the Dragon Prince is capable of healing the divide that threatens to tear the world to pieces. The trailer is full of battle and preparations for an even greater conflict, as Callum and Rayla race to bring their young dragon friend home.

The Dragon Prince had a bit of a rocky start, garnering criticism for aspects of its animation and style, but this trailer shows a series that is lush, confident, and full of intrigue. The Dragon Prince premieres November 22, 2019 for its third season, which will clock in at nine episodes.

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Looks like the animation department got another boost in the budget, the quality seems improved once again.