The DRM on This Chair Makes It Melt Down After Eight Uses

Nobody likes DRM. Well, The Man likes DRM, but none of us little people. It just hamstrings use for honest folk and makes things infinitesimally more difficult for pirates. It's the kind of thing that only "makes sense" for digital goods, hence the name. But the folks over at ECAL decided to show off how wacky it is with a DRM chair that's good for exactly eight installs uses.

Wired up with an Arduino, the chair senses when it's had the pleasure of getting up close and personal with an ass, and makes a note. When said ass leaves, it warns those around of the remain uses and eventually—when it's all "used up"— the joints that hold it together melt down and you're left with a pile of wood.

The disposable chair was put together in 48 hours for "The Destruction" and original prototypes were supposed to use gunpowder, but the team eventually decided against it. Fortunately you won't find the DRM in a store near you, though IKEA's not too far off (ha HA). Let's all just be glad DRM stays on computers where it belongs, if we have to have it anywhere. [Creative Applications via Reddit]

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Was this filmed at hipster camp, didn't think real people actually dressed like that.