The Droid 3 Teardown Reveals a Surprise Comeback of the SIM Card

The Droid 3's been out for a month in China, but we're just now getting our obligatory look under the hood via an iFixit teardown. The big surprise is that Motorola's new handset is packing a SIM card.


SIM-less phones had put a damper on Verizon's international capabilities, so the inclusion of the card is good news if you're looking to use the phone globally. A lot of the specs were leaked last month, so we knew that it had an 8MP camera that records at 1080p, Micro-USB, mini-HDMI, and a five-row "full" keyboard. It's also got a dual core 1Ghz processor, a 960 x 540 pixel Gorilla glass screen and a 1540 mAh batter rated at nine hours. For the full run down, head over to [iFixit].

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