The Easiest Way To Install Wall-Mounted Lighting

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A desk lamp? Everyone has one of those. A floor lamp is a step up, sure, but just barely. Now wall-mounted lighting, that's the true mark of thoughtful interior decoration, and this poster lamp makes installing it easier than ever.


The Flat Light poster was designed by Finn Magee in 2007, but it's just now been produced in a limited run of 50 lamps. Magee explains the inspiration behind the illusory light source:

In 2007, I set up the lamp on my desk at home and was amazed at how it lent an atmosphere of productivity and efficiency to the room… I wondered if just an image of an ordinary task light would be enough to create this atmosphere.


You'll have to be the judge of that—the LED-bearing posters are available for $195 at Moss Online. A bit expensive for a lamp, sure, but think of the years of metaphysical debate you'll get along with it. [Unplggd]

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That is not that expensive for task lighting. My Brazo showed up today.