The Epic Rap Battle Between Robocop And The Terminator Is Indeed Epic

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Neither Robocop nor the Terminator is known for being particularly eloquent but, on the Internet, that changes.

The team behind the ultra popular YouTube series Epic Rap Battles In History has used the occasion of the fifth Terminator film, Terminator Genisys, to pit two of the most famous Eighties cyborgs against each other in a battle of wits and rhymes. It’s the monotone-delivery of Robocop versus the Austrian accent of the Terminator.


And yet, despite their on-screen verbal deficiencies, it works. There are plenty of references to the films, catch-phrases, and nods that prove the people who made this are true fans of the franchises. I mean, anyone who makes a joke about Robocop’s gun knows what they’re talking about, right? Beyond that, the raps are delivered with pin-point precision and machine gun rhythm. The whole thing is bright, fun and funny.