The European Union's antitrust office has published a preliminary report about a tax deal between Amazon and the Luxembourg government. Long story short: it seems "unfair" and may have enabled Amazon to underpay taxes for a decade or more. There's more to come, but Amazon could soon foot a hefty set of retrospective payments.

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They promise to send your order to you in 1 day. Their overworked 'employers' ship the wrong item. It takes a 30 day return on a slow boat to a tax haven where a 'satisfaction' team will give it the 2 week once over if you could return the wrong shipped item in the first place. Your payment past the 30 days pull back grace period a bank or credit card company allows you. You're in customer service e-mail limbo trying to get your money back or the right item shipped to you a last.

It's so much 'better' to shop online.