We've covered these feature-packed VidaBox media center PCs before, but none like this: in addition to having both Blu-ray and HD DVD players on board, now VidaBox is offering CableCARD compatibility on its line of media center PCs. So now you'll be able to watch and record HBO, Showtime (if you subscribe to them) and anything else from digital cable, plus play back Blu-ray and HD DVD in 1080p.


While the system records two HD shows at the same time, it can play back a third prerecorded show or HD DVD, Blu-ray or anything else. And you can pack 3.75TB of storage in there, too. This sounds like the home theater convergence machine we've been waiting for.

The only catch?

These monsters cost in excess of $4399, and that's before you pile on that extra storage and the HD disc players.


Since these CableCARD-equipped units will ship in March, we're thinking they'll be loaded with Microsoft Windows Vista.

While the VidaBox Max and Lux units appear to be the ones packing this dual HD capability, we're also quite impressed with its Stealth model (pictured below), which the company says is completely silent.

This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.


Combine that quietude with all this HD and CableCARD capability, and you'll have what we're thinking is the home theater PC of the future. Oh yeah, make it all cost $800, and that'll be the sweet spot.

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