Reddit's Earliest Days Were a NSFW Wonderland

Illustration for article titled Reddit's Earliest Days Were a NSFW Wonderland

Reddit's come a long way since it first appeared online in 2006—but how has it changed over time? This visualization shows how the relative sizes of its subreddits have changed.


Put together by Randal Olson from Michigan State University—whose viz of how subreddits overlap we saw last week—this chart plots "subreddit growth over time measured by fraction of posts submitted to each subreddit." First, it's worth noting that he left out the main page from the viz, which is why it looks like everything was posted into NSFW at first. That wasn't (quite?) the case.

But elsewhere, it's fun to see how topics have grown over time. A shame, perhaps, that programming isn't as well represented as it once was, but hey, at least AdviceAnimals is huge. [Randal Olson via Flowing Data]


So is the 2009 spike in NSFW content related to a bunch of bored, unemployed people during the recession?