The F-18 Blue Angels look truly angelic in this photo

Illustration for article titled The F-18 Blue Angels look truly angelic in this photo

They look supernatural, don’t they. According to the The US Navy, the Blue Angels are performing a “high speed diamond break-away maneuver” at the Miramar Air Show in this photo but to me, because of the way they’re in the clouds, they’ve never looked more angelic.


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Last weekend I attended the California Capital Airshow in Sacramento. The Blue Angels weren’t there, but the Thunderbirds were (as well as the Canadian Snow Birds). Great show! It’s good to see the military displays back in action after a two year hiatus from the sequester. I shot this video of the show.

What’s cool about this video is I shot it on an iPhone 6S+ in 4K, edited in iMovie, and used the zoom/crop function in iMovie to get nice closeups of the action, then rendered to 1080p. So basically the 4K source material was just to get better digital zoom, which really helped in shooting this kind of material. I couldn’t have pulled this off on an older generation iPhone (the planes would be way too small in the frame). Also notice how well the OIS in the 6S+ worked. I shot all this hand-held, and did not apply any software stabilization. I was pretty stunned at the stability of the final product.