The Facebook Movie is "One of the Must-See Films of the Year"

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An early preview of The Social Network has had reviewers foaming at the mouth, with /Film's Peter Sciretta declaring it as his "favorite movie of the year (so far)." Yes, this is the film about Zuckerberg creating Facebook.

While it wasn't the final cut, the movie was screened for a few select publications, and casting a quick eye over their initial thoughts, this could very well turn out to be an award-winner. Yes, we're still talking about the Facebook movie.


Sciretta wrote that "after returning home from the screening, I was tempted to read the screenplay - that's how good it is."

The Sydney Morning Herald was equally complimentary. "This is an astounding film about one of the most important seismic shifts in communication in the modern age, and the way innovation and ethics are not often related."


Acknowledging that the content could scare people off with visions of coding and typeface arguments, Cinematical said in their preview that "with The Social Network, director David Fincher and screenwriter Aaron Sorkin turn some fairly dry, nerdy content about fairly dry, nerdy characters into one of the must-see films of the year, and they don't waste any time getting right to it."

If a movie about Facebook can see success at the cinemas—and not just on BitTorrent—can we look forward to seeing similar movies about Twitter? MSN Messenger? The recently-deceased Bloglines?