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The FCC Just Released 2,444,672 Public Comments About Net Neutrality

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The FCC's proposed "Open Internet" rule is the single most commented-on rulemaking in the history of the agency, with nearly 4 million submissions to date. The FCC just dumped all of the words from the second commenting period, which ran from July 19th-September 15.

The dump of 2,444,672 comments dwarfs the already massive heap of over 1 million comments dumped over the summer. The commission promises to reveal every single one, and it's asking for help, because, uh, holy moly that's a lot of comments:

As before, we encourage those with the requisite technical skills to analyze the raw data and build visualizations or other tools and to share them with the public. This will help the FCC and the public have a more fully formed understanding of the content and source of the reply comments.


Indeed, it's hard to imagine how on earth the FCC intends to get through all of those comments. Hopefully the millions of comments that support keeping net neutrality alive will be heard, because the FCC's current proposal is no good.

We're trying to make our way through the comments as best we can. 250MB XML files are a little cumbersome. [FCC Docket and FCC]