Court Rules FCC Must Release Records That Could Explain Fraudulent Net Neutrality Comments

A federal judge ruled last week that the Republican-controlled Federal Communications Commission (currently chaired by Donald Trump appointee Ajit Pai) must release records related to millions of fraudulent public comments filed before the agency repealed net neutrality guidelines last year, Ars Technica reported.

Nancy Pelosi Hints She's 'Sure' Governor Brown Will Sign California's Net Neutrality Bill

Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi on Tuesday added her voice to a chorus of California legislators and advocates calling on Governor Jerry Brown to sign Senate Bill 822, legislation that seeks to reenact for California’s 40 million residents the net neutrality protections stripped away by the Federal Communications…

Scott Wiener Paints Ajit Pai as Telecom Shill as California Net Neutrality Fight Escalates

The feud between federal Republican officials and the architects of California’s recently passed (but as of yet unsigned) net neutrality legislation intensified Friday, with State Senator Scott Wiener, the bill’s principal author, accusing the FCC of being bought and paid for by the telecom industry.

Lawmakers Urge California's Governor to Sign S.B. 822, Enacting the Nation's Strongest Net Neutrality Law

After securing votes in the California legislature last week, coauthors of the state’s comprehensive net neutrality bill gathered on Thursday in downtown Los Angeles to call on Governor Jerry Brown to back the legislation and reenact strong open internet protections for the state’s 40 million residents.

It Sure Looks Like Wireless Carriers Got Busted Throttling Netflix and YouTube

Anyone holding out hope that the Federal Communications Commission’s repeal of net neutrality rules wouldn’t affect their internet better brace for some bad news. New research from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and Northeastern suggests that all of the major U.S. telecom companies have been throttling…

Trump's Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh Is a Disaster for Net Neutrality, Great for the NSA

On Monday night, President Donald Trump announced his second Supreme Court nominee of his term: the DC Court of Appeals’ Judge Brett Kavanaugh. On a range of issues—but particularly net neutrality, the principle that service providers should be required to treat all data on their networks equally—he is likely to be a…