The FDA Has a Flickr Gallery of Recalled Products That Could Kill You

If you've ever found yourself staring at a dubious bottle of tablets from the back of a bathroom cabinet or suspicious-looking pudding from the local store, help may be at hand. The FDA runs a wonderfully useful Flickr gallery to which it posts pictures of recalled products that might just kill you.

Discovered by Popular Science, the gallery shows many—though admittedly not all—of the products that it's had to recall for safety reasons. As you might expect there are a lot of legal highs and sexual performance drugs, but there are plenty of normals products, too—like tubs of organic coccoa, bags of salad and boxes of cookies.


Each photo is presented along with details about why and when the product was recalled. It's not a substitute for the formal recall reports issued by the FDA, but its a simple and accessible resource. And, arguably, quite fun to look through, too. [FDA via Popular Science via Verge]

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