DreamWorks has been working on its WikiLeaks film, The Fifth Estate, for a while now—and this trailer reveals that Benedict Cumberbatch plays a hugely convincing Julian Assange.

After reading a script for the film, Assange declared it a "mass propaganda attack against WikiLeaks the organization, and the character of my staff". Not a huge fan, then. Indeed, WikiLeaks as an organization had already been criticizing the film since the trailer was released:


But hey, let's not be dragged down by Assange and his cronies. The trailer suggests the film—based on books by one-time WikiLeaker Daniel Domscheit-Berg and Guardian journalist Luke Harding—should at least prove entertaining. And Benedict Cumberbatch seems to be doing a great job at mimicking Assange. The Fifth Estate is due to appear in US theaters on October 18th. [YouTube via Verge]