Apple started a wave when it announced its new A7 processor--the brain of all its flagship products—would be 64-bit. Competitors have been keen to catch up, and now Qualcomm's making its move with the new Snapdragon 410, the first 64-bit chip in the line. The catch? It's for low and midrange phones.


You, dear gadget-obsessed Gizmodo reader, might not be the in the market for the kind of ~$150 phones the Snapdragon 410 is aimed at, but the chip will be bringing some high-end features to the lower end; stuff like LTE and better graphics. But so far, there's no wildly compelling argument for the 64-bit part. Though if low-range phones somehow get to the point of backing in more than 4GB of RAM (32-bit's limit) it'll come in handy.

So while cheap phones aren't going to get amazing anytime soon, it's always good to see them getting better, because everyone deserves a decent futurepocketcomputer of awesomeness. [AllThingsD]