The first bikini that can truly be called both Mighty and Morphin'

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I hate it when Hot Topic makes something brilliant, but this Pink Power Ranger bikini is admittedly kind of brilliant. I foresee a great many nerd girls picking this up, perhaps posting photos of themselves wearing it on the Internet, and causing a great deal of stupid arguments about whether they're "real nerds" or not.

But that's the downside; the upside is that female Power Rangers fans now have a fun new way to show off their fandom.

It's a shame there's no male equivalent, though. Unfortunately, the Power Rangers' crotchal region is plain enough that they would be hard to identify as swim trunks, so it's not Hot Topic's fault. I blame whoever decided old-timey men's swimsuits were no longer fashionable. Damn you, unknown person with a presumably fantastic upper torso! You've ruined it for the rest of us!


Anyways, you can order the Pink Ranger bikini top here, and the bikini bottom here, as well as see a few more pics, if you're so inclined.

[Via Fashionably Geek]