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The First Brave New World Trailer Suggests a Land of Sex and Drugs Is Maybe Kinda Bad?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
John (Aiden Eisenreich) adjusts to the Brave New World.
John (Aiden Eisenreich) adjusts to the Brave New World.
Image: Peacock (Twitter)

Alden Ehrenreich has moved from that galaxy far, far away to a “brave new world.” NBC’s streaming platform Peacock has revealed the first teaser trailer for Brave New World, the dystopian tale of a society driven by sex, controlled by drugs, and trapped in a caste system that punishes choice.

Brave New World stars Ehrenreich (Solo), Jessica Brown Findlay (Castlevania), Harry Lloyd (Counterpart), Nina Sosanya (His Dark Materials), Hannah John-Kamen (Ant-Man and the Wasp), and Demi Moore. It’s based on the 1930s novel by Aldous Huxley, introduces us to the futuristic world of New London, a place where human reproduction has been replaced with bioengineering and people are forced into an intelligence-based social hierarchy. At first, it seems like a utopia—monogamy, money, and privacy have been replaced with sexual fluidity and a predetermined merit system—but it’s easy to see the cracks in a world where everyone depends on a happiness-producing drug called soma just to get by. Here’s the first look:

The story revolves around two residents of New London decide to take a trip to “The Savagelands,” a vacation destination that’s basically a safari—only instead of zoo animals, it’s people who live and reproduce naturally. There we meet John (Ehrenreich), the Shakespeare -quoting son of a former New London resident named Linda (Moore), who yearns for her child to reap the benefits of her beloved utopia. Upon heading there, he’s quickly turned into a celebrity that residents call “John the Savage.” As he grows more and more resentful of the world that both praises and mocks him, he yearns to upend the entire system.


During a press call earlier this week, Peacock Chairman Matt Strauss shared that production on Brave New World was pretty much completed before the covid-19 pandemic but NBC has not announced a release date for the series yet. They look to be aiming for sometime this summer.


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