The First Clips Shot on the Canon T2i Look As Good as the 7D

The Canon T2i dSLR sounded extremely exciting, as it promised to bring 1080P video (with decent frame rates) to Canon's sub-$1000 dSLR line. Photographer Dan Chung was among the first to test it out, and the results look fantastic.


As it turns out this little camera is a really competent performer and the footage I've shot so far looks pretty much the same as my 7D to my eye...The footage you see here is shot at 1080p/25 frames a second and not graded with only minor adjustments of gamma, sharpening and a little smoothcam in Final Cut Pro...In terms of video image quality I think it is too early to make definitive judgments...[but] I think this camera is cheap enough that there is now little reason for pros who have not yet bought a HD-DSLR to not put their toes in the water and see if they like shooting video.


Note that Chung accentuated the frame rate by shooting almost exclusively with long dolly movements.

But if Chung's hands-on wasn't enough, here's another beautiful clip from another photographer named Drew Painter.

[DSLR News Shooter via planet5D]


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Michael Scrip

Those videos looked great... nice slow dolly pans and/or locked down tripod shots.

Does this thing have the rolling-shutter "Jello" effect? Edit... yes it does.

Once you put this in someone's hands... it's a whole different ballgame.

This line scared me: "with only minor adjustments of gamma, sharpening and a little smoothcam in Final Cut Pro."

Do they expect everyone to know how to fix video in post with FCP?