The first footage from Do No Harm, NBC's Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde show

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Oh man, Do No Harm looks ridiculous in an awesomely cheeseball way. NBC has revamped the classic horror tale of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde with kind, good-looking Dr. Jason Cole, who hides a sex maniac named Ian Price inside of him.

I mean this guy loves sex, just take it from the synopsis! Every time Ian takes hold of Jason's body, the doctor wakes up covered in "near-naked women." Unfortunately, the science serum he's been drinking to keep his Hyde side quelled no longer works.


Ian has built up a resistance to it, and now he wants revenge...with his penis! Here are the synopsis and the first couple clips, which feature entirely too much Jason and not nearly enough Ian:

Dr. Jason Cole (Steven Pasquale, "Rescue Me") is a highly respected neurosurgeon who has it all – a lucrative career, confident charm, the gift of compassion. But he also has a deep, dark secret. One morning when he wakes up disoriented in a wrecked hotel room amidst several near-naked women he's never seen before, he knows one thing: it's happening again. Every night at the same hour, something inside Jason changes, leaving him almost unrecognizable – seductive, devious, borderline sociopathic. This new man is his dangerous alternate personality who goes by the name of ‘Ian Price.' For years he's battled Ian, keeping him in check with a powerful experimental sedative. But now his – their – body has developed a resistance to the serum, setting Ian free once again. And to make matters worse, after being suppressed for so long, Ian's hell-bent on taking revenge on his oppressor. With everyone Jason cares about at risk – patients, friends, coworkers and even the woman he loves – he's got to stop Ian once and for all. Will they find some common ground, or will they bring each other down? Hell hath no fury like an alter ego scorned. Also starring are Alana De La Garza ("Law & Order"), Mousa Kraish ("Superbad"), Michael Esper ("A Beautiful Mind"), Ruta Gedmintas ("The Borgias") and Phylicia Rashad ("The Cosby Show"). "Do No Harm" is produced by Universal Television and Traugott Company. The executive producer/writer is David Schulner ("Desperate Housewives," "The Event"). Peter Traugott ("Ringer") and Rachel Kaplan ("Ringer") also are executive producers. Michael Mayer (NBC's "Smash") is the co-executive producer and director.