The First Google TV Update Brings New Netflix, Customizable Dual View and Android Remote App

The first over-the-air update for Google TV is currently rolling out, bringing a handful of improvements to the fledgling platform. Two of the more exciting ones: support for the freshly-released Android remote app and customizable Dual View.

A post on GoogleTV's blog enumerates the four primary updates:

1. Better Netflix searching and browsing with a pretty new interface, allowing users to easily access the entire Instant Watch catalog.


2. Customizable Dual View, allowing users to resize and move Google TV's unique picture-in-picture box wherever and however they please.

3. Support for the Android remote app, now available in the Market.

4. A new search page for movies, pulling together results across all video services.

The update will be popping up on Google TV devices throughout the week. [GoogleTV]

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