The First Reboot: The Guardian Code Trailer Has Too Many Humans and Not Enough Cyberspace

Image: Netflix
Image: Netflix

For a very long time, the long-rumored reboot of Mainframe Entertainment’s cult classic ReBoot seemed almost like an elaborate internet hoax meant to play on the nostalgia of ‘90s kids who lovingly remember the groundbreaking series. Well, now there’s a trailer for the new film, Reboot: The Guardian Code, and it looks... questionable.


The original ReBoot was an entirely CGI series about the lives of digital beings who lived within an entirely self-contained digital world within a computer who would periodically become trapped within instances of video games when the programs were launched by unseen human users. The show’s graphics are rather janky by today’s standards, but at the time, they were rather cutting edge—especially when you consider just how much work went into crafting each episode.

From the looks of it, Reboot: The Guardian Code shares little of its predecessor’s narrative DNA and is much more of a spiritual successor that’s heavily borrowing from the likes of Power Rangers, Code Lyoko, and Ready Player One. Rather than focusing on the digital Guardians, The Guardian Code focuses on four human teenagers attending theAlan Turing High (lord) who become digitized and transported into Cyberspace to take on Megabyte.

So yeah, Megabyte is in the movie, which is good, but Hexadecimal’s nowhere to be found in the trailer and overall, the movie feels kind of... hokey. The original was definitely on the campy side of things, but you always felt like there were very real, high stakes for Bob, Dot, and Enzo. The Guardian Code just... just... well, watch the trailer for yourself and get ready for when the movie drops on March 30.

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So this is a reboot of Superhuman Samurai Syber Squad?