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The First Smartwatch You Might Actually Want Is Designed For Kids

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

As if kids didn't have it pretty awesome already, now it looks like they'll be among the first of us to get their hands—or wrists—on a bona fide smartwatch with the Filip. But don't get too jealous. The Filip is designed as a safety device more than anything, with Wi-Fi, cellular, and GPS capabilities designed to let a parent keep in touch and keep tabs on their kids.

Pricing and availability for the Filip hasn't been finalized just yet, but when it drops it will allow kids to call one of five pre-programmed numbers, or receive calls and text messages from those pre-approved contacts. Through an accompanying app parents can also track and locate their little scamps, and even set up notification zones. So when a child gets to school, for example, the parent will be notified of their safe arrival at those general coordinates.


The Filip can also be an incredibly useful tool for emergencies. A red panic button on the side automatically triggers a location beacon, starts recording audio, and automatically starts calling those pre-programmed numbers until someone answers. If there's no response, the Filip can be programmed to then contact emergency personnel as a last resort. Most importantly, the Filip doesn't run apps, or games, or anything else that might serve as yet another electronic distraction for your kids, which could be its biggest selling point. [Filip via ChipChick]