The Five Funniest Google Glasses Parodies

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Google's Project Glass glasses aren't available yet but the idea is undoubtedly exciting and could very well be the future. But until we actually get to wear them, we have no idea what they'll be like. Hopefully, they won't be as hilariously awful and physically harmful as these Google Glasses parody videos.

Or actually... hopefully they will be? Here are the five best Google Glasses parody videos so far.

ADmented Reality - Google Glasses Remixed with Google Ads: Jonathan McIntosh made a more realistic version of Google's demo video by adding ads, ads and more ads. And then more ads. Remember, the Google version didn't show any ads and we all know that's how Google makes its dough.

Google Glasses: A New Way to Hurt Yourself: Tom Scott on the real life dangers of Google Glasses. Terminator vision isn't so great when you can't see real life!

Windows Project Glass: One day too...: Hey look, Microsoft tried to invent its own Project Glass glasses but too many pop ups and too many warnings result in one blue screen of death.


Jimmy Kimmel Live: Even the best late night host Jimmy Kimmel had his fun with a Google Glasses parody. That corny ukulele part in the demo video is about to get brutally bruising. The lesson with using these Google Glasses: don't try to get to cute.

World of Warcraft: Yes, someone imagined a World of Warcraft character wearing Google Glasses.