The Force Lamp "Pushes You To Surrender"

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If there is one thing I can't stand it's the asinine descriptions for designer products that vastly overinflate the importance of the object and the people that created it. Take this Force Lamp for example.

No, this charismatic and almost flying lamp was not recycled from a WW2 bomber nor from a soviet nuclear submarine. Its seriousness, fatality and its "impossible to ignore" nature are all genuine. This lamp was not crafted to impress, but to conquer. It gives you a reason to stop.

It gives you an excuse to escape. It gently pushes you to surrender. Under its powerful embrace you are free to feel protected.

It's a fucking lamp. Here is my description:

Owning this lamp will remind you of watching Spaceballs. Seriously, it should have been called the "Schwartz Lamp."

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