The Full Social Network Trailer: Creepy

Here's the first full-length trailer for The Social Network, David Fincher and Aaron Sorkin's movie about the creation of social wonder/ill, the Facebook. Thanks largely to a brilliant song choice, the trailer is eerily evocative.

That's the Vega Scala Choir's rendition of Radiohead's "Creep," and when coupled with sad, lonely images of people reaching out across the great cyber void, via Facebook, the effect is oddly heartbreaking. Eh, but then we see footage of the actual movie and it's basically all the dialogue we've heard before ("Mark!!"), just now with pictures attached. I'm still of the belief that they've made a big mistake by packaging this film as some deep, dark drama. I know, I know, the marketing is making folks curious to see it, but beyond that, the tone just seems so strange. If the movie was a Traffic-esque series of interconnected stories about how people live and love and die on social networks like Facebook, then maybe all this pathos would fit. But the story of some sniveling Harvard nerd warring with other sniveling Harvard nerds over a computer program? Feh. Oh, and the frantic genius writing equations on the window? Really, Finchy? Really?


Still, though, that song! That fucking song.

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[via The Playlist]


"I'm about taking the entire social experience of college, and putting it online. Like, some sort of space, online, that belongs to me. It's mine. It's my online space. And I could direct, or even steer, my friends there. Like, a lot of them at once. It would be one giant friend-steer to my space. Man, I can't believe no one has thought of this already!"